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The ads below are examples of our Social Media ads aka SMBC! Each ad comes with 1 month of promotion and you can upgrade to add 50 glossy Blitz Cards as well!

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We have a Facebook Group you can join if you work your own business, that offers specials, training, support, business building, networking and more. To join THE BRIDGE, message us!

Let's Get YOU Noticed!

We work with Direct Sale Businesses, Home Based Businesses. as well as Small Brick & Mortar businesses, providing Promotions, Custom Designed Marketing Tools, Business Tips & strategies as well as Social Media Training! We show you how to work smarter not harder, to be

deliberate and consistent!

Hot Iron Promos specializes in affordable Marketing and Promotion Solutions for Small Businesses! We help YOU get NOTICED, by helping you CONSISTENTLY stay in the PUBLIC eye!

Think how many times you see that pizza company's or insurance company's commercials during your favorite show. This shows that one image sighting or one promotion of your business, won't reach the amount of people you need to reach in order to bring in the customers you need. With affordable promotions, you can do like the big guys do! Show up consistently - reach more people - bring in more sales. In other words - be the name they think of when they think of your product. This happens with repeat, consistent promotions!

We show you how to take part in your business promotions, to build rapport with potential customers! Engagement marketing, rather than sporatical, seed throwing ... we show you how to be intential with your business promotion, so you know where to reap your harvest.

We are also very big on #tribesupport, and have created a community of like minded indivuals that care about your success, and refer from within. You can learn more about that community here: THE BRIDGE  

Where should you start?

Our Social Media business ads are a

GREAT place to start!

We showcase your business contact info with a description of your business, on a vibrant ad

that will GET YOU NOTICED! Additionally, we present it to our Social Media reach.

You can upgrade to add 50 Post Cards, aka Blitz Cards as shown to the left, that you can distribute to your clients, customers, place in orders, attach to your website, e-mail, text messages and more! There are unlimited ways you can use this marketing tool!

We look forward to working with you, and helping you take your business to the NEXT level!