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Hot Iron Promos

Affordable Promotions for Small Businesses ... Let's Get You Noticed!

Promotions & Pricing

We pride ourselves in keeping our prices low, so you can be consistent in promoting your business, and not go broke in the process! 

#1.  Social Media ads - This is a great promotion to start with.  These ads are so versatile and NEVER expire!  You can attach them to e-mails, send in a text, post on twitter, linked-In, Pinterest and many more!  You just give us the contact info you would like on your ad, and any specific colors or pictures you would like, and we do the rest!  Not sure what you would like your ad to look like?  No worries, we specialize in helping your get your thoughts out, and into a beautiful personalized business ad!

#2.  JMT Sessions - If you have a Direct Sale business and you are attempting to build your team, this is a great promotion for you!  These sessions are created to GET YOU NOTICED, as we do a very aggressive promotion period for these ads.  Your part?  Provide the TOP 5 reasons someone should join your team, along with your contact info, and we create your uniformed ad, that show all who view it, that you are promoting for team members.  When the coordinator creates your showcase for your session, you will post as much and as often as you like.  This is your time to shine..., to build a virtual report with the folks viewing your ad.  Stand out... let them know why they should join YOUR team, when they have so many other options,

#3.  Fan Page Spotlights help gain more of a fan base, as we display your page address in monthly spotlights.  When your address is showcased, there is a LIKE button right there for folks to click.  Remember - every person that clicks LIKE - is now in your REACH, meaning they will now see everything you post on your fanpage!

4.  Fan Page Make Overs are for those of you that have Business pages.  You want to make a good impression when folks land on your page, but let's face it... they aren't going to find that page without a bit of help.  That's where we come in.  We use our extensive reach, to build your likes.  But that's not all... we design your page, important the notes app, design business specific notes that stay put so viewers can access your information without scrolling so far down your page, AND, we create call to action posts, to get your fans engaged and interacting with your page.

#5.  The TIE PACKET is just SMART, for any business.  If you set up at events to showcase your business, or product, this is for you.  This is the Vendor Membership Program of Hot Iron Promos.  When you register for the TIE PACKET, we keep your information circulated among local Event Coordinators!  This way you aren't searching tirelessly for events, instead Event Coordinators will contact YOU, using the easy click to contact links in the electronic packet.  The Packet also has additional information that is handy for Event Coordinators to plan their events,  and includes Musicians, Bands, DJ'S, Children's Entertainers and more.
See more about the TIE PACKET here.

Below are SMBC ads, aka Social Media ads, that we create for our clients.  Click the ad to visit their website! All Social Media ads come with  50 Blitz Cards!


All Custom Ad orders come with 50 Blitz Cards!