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Hot Iron Promos

Affordable Promotions for Small Businesses ... Let's Get You Noticed!

We connect Vendors to Event Coordinators making the job of finding the events, and booking them, easier for both!

As a MEMBER, you are listed in the TIE PACKET - Electronic Vendor List

for YOUR area!

  • You will be networked to Event Coordinators in your area
  • Your listing includes 2 - click to contact links so the EC's can easily connect with you
  • The EC's LOVE working with us because we provide the list for FREE, Do BOOKING BLITZES for them, AND promote their events - ALL for FREE!  We also do monthly active checks to assure listings are correct, so the EC's know they are not receiving a stale list!
If that sounds good to you, then the TIE PACKET membership is for you!  Here's what you receive as a member:

  You receive access to an Electronic Event Calendar for your area, that can be synced to your phone or computer!  No more double booking using this handy tool!  At a quick glance you can find events in your area!  We have a team that is continuously seeking and updating the event calendars.

   You are listed on our electronic list that goes out to all reputable Event Coordinators in your area, upon referral.  Our team works diligently to connect your listing with as many event coordinators possible.  We even have the Event Coordinators Lounge where Event Coordinators share their events with US first so we can serve them to you before they hit the public groups!

   Your listing includes 2 click to contact links.  EC's absolutely LOVE this tool because it's so easy for them to use!  They also love that we have responsive members that are held accountable - that brings them back to the TIE PACKET, over, and over again!

  The Events are trigaged before they are served to you, as we use our best efforts to protect our members against fake events!

  Members also receive Training, Tips, and opportunities to network their 
business outside of events!


The membership is an annual fee.  No, we don't prorate.  Why?  Because there are just as many events in the last quarter of the year, as there are in any other quarter. The Fee is just $25!


Registration is a series of 3 Steps:

1. Review the Member Agreement

2. Complete the Registration Form

3. Make Payment

Click the link below to Contact Us and get your registration started OR refer back to the person that gave you this link!  If you were referred to this page, please make sure you mention their name.

Meet the TIE PACKET members:


The events are just ONE of MANY perks you receive as a member. Take a look ... It's undeniable that you are in the right place, and that you can take pride in being a member!

1. We KEEP you networked continuously to local Event Coordinators. We work dilegently with them, to help them fill the booths at their events. We also enter the Coordinators in monthly contests to help them earn marketing collateral for their events, just for using the TIE PACKET, and posting the event to us for the FIRST 48 hours before it's posted to the public vendors!

2. You are a member of a community of over 800 vendors who, know the importance of COMMUNITY and NETWORKING! Members will search WITHIN for a product rep, before they post to their pages. They will do parties for each other, purchase from each other, refer each other.

3. You automatically receive the lowest prices on marketing and promotional items, because you are a member!

4. Just for ENGAGING <--- which will help you build your business, you are given opportunities MONTHLY, to win items for your business!

5. You have someone that will go to bat for you, should an event coordinator do you wrong. <-- Who else does this for you?

6. Because of our reach, and networking - Event Coordinators take us very seriously, and we have been able to obtain 100's of dollars in refunds for our members!  We have also, one by one, weeded out the unethical event coordinators throughout the past 4 years!

7. You get all the area events in ONE LOCATION so you don't have to search in all the different groups for events. That saves you time, and assures you won't fall for SCAMS! The easy to use Google Calendar allows you to sync your personal calendar so you can see in a glance, from your CELL or COMPUTER, if you have that event date open!

9. We offer free training and extremely discounted one on one sessions to help you learn social media and gain marketing knowledge, branding assistance and tools to help you reach more people!

10. You have your own personal Administrative Assistant ready, willing and able to assist you in navigating and answering questions so you don't have to muddle through on your own.

If you don't do events, but still want help building your business, or the TIE PACKET isn't in your area yet, then the BRIDGE is for you!  
This group provides: Promotion Specials, Business Tips, Giveaways,
Training & More!  As a TIE PACKET Member - this membership is INCLUDED!
VIP MEMBER Membership, just $15
Become a BRIDGE VIP member to receive even more perks!


We are an all inclusive community for entrepreneurs. We not only help connect them to reputable event coordinators and events, but also help them with all aspects of training, marketing, promotion and networking. So many perks!
Stop wasting time throwing those seeds out to unrecoverable areas... #beintentional #smarternotharder
TIE Packet Membership is for you!

Member Testimonies ...

Cynthia Lakey Burkett - I love not having to search for events! Hot iron promos has quality products for a good price!!!

Kathleen Griffin - I've made lots of new friends and I love having to not search for events!

Susan Jones - I love the fact that I can find all the vendors events in one place and also that the admins in tie packet have done the research to make sure that it's an actual event and not a fraud. Thank you Robin and team for working hard for us. :)

April Norie - I found numerous vendor events that I didn't have to search the web for. My fb business page was made over by an awesome creator. They also made a couple of online business cards for me. I've received a huge increase in traffic to my fb page. I love that all the admin are so helpful and there anytime you need them.

Stephanie Moreno - Events, friends, fanpage makeover - anything you need for your business u can get it here

Patrice Vacek - I love Knowing that the events scheduled through Tie Packet are high quality events. Having the incredible support of Carol Caldwell and Robin Fuller to promote my business. Getting the incredible Facebook page creation and support of Robin Fuller. And the support and encouragement from all Tie Packet members.

Melissa Cook Bass - Networking with a large group of men and women helps my business grow! Supporting other small business's also creates relationships with these Vendors that are now Friends.

Linda Ronne - Where do I start? So many things. Creative networking, meeting a variety of people that love their DS company, being supported by like minded individuals, Robin who brings us all together and truly has a heart of gold and really just wants us all to succeed ❤️. My banner gets so many compliments and I get a sense of community here.

Terri Ward - Events made easy and promotional materials like business cards and SMBC.

Susan Booher Mitchell - Networking and helping me to grow and get out of my comfort zone. I like not having to search for events and being able to just look at the calendar to see upcoming events to register for. Also, event coordinators contact me directly, so that makes things easier too.

Rebecca Eppler Ihm - I haven't been a member for very long but so far my biggest benefit has been the event list and that event coordinators have been able to contact me and express interest in having me at their events! I'm looking forward to meeting more business wonders here and investing in coaching as well! ❤️

Andrea Adams - I love the networking with other small business owners. And how they support each other's business. And how easy it is to look in one place for vendor events. And some vendors even contact you for there events. The Tie Packet get first dibs one the vendor event before it's released to the public. I can just go on and on about how wonderful it is.

Our members are referred to as #standardsetters

The number of stars on their badge indicates how many years
they have been a TIE PACKET member!


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